Upon assimilation into earthly society, The Galactic Scoundrels assumed human forms known as Dave Cockram and Corbet Rutzer, whose behaviour may or may not pass as acceptable to human standards (depending on who you ask). When they aren’t reconstructing music, you can find them at their human day jobs or taking long naps in cryostasis in an attempt to travel back to Earth year 1981. 

While flying under the radar and keeping his massive tentacles hidden from plain view, Dave helped launch Toronto’s Indie88, which was named 2015 Station of the Year at Canadian Music Week, and currently serves as their Production Manager. He is an award-winning audio producer with over 15 years experience in radio, post-production for film and video games, and music. 

Corbet’s earthly pursuits have transformed him from a gelatinous blob into a modern digital media renaissance man with extensive radio, digital marketing and writing experience. He teaches Online Presence & Social Media at Vancouver Film School, is Digital Leader for Browns Restaurant Group in Vancouver and regularly curates playlists for Songza Canada.